Cricklewood’s Apples

At Cricklewood, we grow 40-plus varieties of apples and invite you to purchase fresh picked apples or pick your own from the middle of August to the end of October.

Each variety has approximately a 14 to 20 day harvest period, always and especially subject to the whim of Mother Nature. Therefore, picking dates vary from year to year depending on the season.  


 Apple Harvest Calendar

Please check out our monthly calendars with detailed information about each variety –

August Apples

September Apples

October Apples

by clicking on the harvest month calendar above.  And you can come to visit conveniently — check out our open hours calendar here!

For each year’s up to date information please contact us by phone or email –  or follow our Twitter commentary, @CricklewoodFarm – our most recent tweets with the current ready crops are displayed on our sidebar for your convenience.

Our apples are available through our market as well, fresh-picked by our energetic staff!

The Boss Lady


 Mother Nature is our boss. All of our ripening dates are based on her actions from previous years. Her habits can change without notice, so our time frames are best guesses only.

 Most of the orchard is made up of dwarf trees making them easy picking. We provide you with containers, bags and wagons to pick with. Pick your own apples are sold by weight.Why not come out and try a sample of one of our delicious apples?  You might discover a new favourite!

 Our Experimental Apples


Dr. Jeremy Applebee


  1. We are one of eight orchards in Ontario selected to have an experimental plot on their farm.
  2. These plots allow continuing evaluation of new apple varieties and apple cultivars still under assessment.
  3. There are over forty different apples within the plot. Some are named and are being investigated for their adaptability to Ontario’s climate in different regions. Others are still being evaluated to see if they would be a marketable apple and are identified only by an identification number.
  4. In our store these apples are labelled as New Variety 1,2 etc.
  5. They are not available for Pick-Your-Own.

Dr. Johnny Applebee