Staying Green

Here at Cricklewood we strive to support and sustain our environmental resources.Using the following practices we hope to reduce our environmental footprint.

Cricklewood uses no till practices in the fields. Fields are worked up less often leaving the residue from the year’s crops to compost into the ground. This helps to maintain the organic content of the soil and leads to less soil erosion. Machinery used to till the fields is used less, thus reducing emissions and consuming less fuel.
Cricklewood is enrolled in the Quinte Integrated Pest Management program. Scouts monitor the levels of the different stages of harmful pests in the trees. Species-specific sprays are applied only when pest levels reach the highest thresholds. This reduces the number of sprays applied, reducing the impact to the environment, and encouraging beneficial insect levels.
An Environmental Farm Plan is in place at Cricklewood. This means we have attended workshops provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and have identified areas of environmental concern on our farm. Three-year action plans have been prepared and are being executed with annual reviews.