Fundraising and Donations

To request our participation in your community project, please submit the information via  this link!

Fundraising and Donations

We are strong believers in the value of community and in giving to support the greater good of our planet. We work toward enhancing the sustainability of our farming practices, and toward fulfillment of worthy causes. Each year our maze is designed around a charity. At the end of the season a percentage of our maze sales collected throughout the season, monies gathered from our monster hunt charity event, and customer donations are passed on to that charity.  To date, we have raised more than $10,000 for these amazing causes.

In 2016, we supported the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northumberland, and collected donations for them until late November.  Ultimately, we raised $1,720.00 for them, and were delighted to present them with a cheque in that amount at the beginning of December.

See below for information about the causes we have supported so far!

We also donate gift certificates and produce to other charitable organizations throughout our season. If you are interested in obtaining these donations for your fundraising efforts please fill in this form and submit it for our consideration – we will let you know in approximately 3-5 weeks which organizations we will be supporting during the current year.

Some that we’ve supported in recent years are:

The Northumberland Humane Society in 2015,  and we managed to raise over $1800 for this worthwhile cause, a first time high for us!!!

Presqu’ile Point Lighthouse Preservation Society 2014  This organization was created in 2012 to repair and refurbish the historic lighthouse and to promote it as a heritage icon for our community to the thousands of our visitors.  We also  thought would make a great maze – and it did, raising over $1600 for the Lighthouse Society!

We are so honoured!

Habitat for Humanity 2013    We were excited to be partnering with  Habitat for Humanity Northumberland to help raise money for a new build in Colborne Ontario. This organization’s vision is a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. We are proud to announce that we raised over $1600.00 for Habitat for Humanity in 2013.

Canadian Wildlife Federation 2012     Thanks to our customers who went through the corn maze and some additional donors, we raised over $1500 for the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Endangered Species Fund. Information within the corn maze raised awareness about different species in trouble, including the American Badger, and about the CWF itself. Thank you all!!

Lion’s Dog Guides 2011     In 2011 we partnered with the Lion’s Foundation of Canada for Dog Guides. Thanks to all participants we raised $1565.44 to help with dog guide expenses.

World Vision 2010     In 2010 we partnered with World Vision
to try and raise enough money to stock a stable for a deserving community or family. Thanks to all our maze goers and additional customer donations we were able to raise over $1300.00! Not only did we stock a stable but we also contributed three little piglets. Fantastic!! Thank you once again for your support!

Northumberland United Way 2007, 2008, & 2009      In 2007 we donated a percentage of our maze sales over one weekend to the United Way and over $400.00 was raised. In 2008 that amount increased to $675.00 and in 2009 we raised $700.00. Thank you for supporting our community!

Brighton Fire Department 2008, 2009 & 2010     Our fire department is a volunteer department and provides a valuable service to our community.  With the objective of raising money for fire fighting equipment, we donated a percentage of our maze sales over the weekend for the beginning of fire prevention week in 2008. This resulted in $500.00 being collected. As well, money was raised by the fire department itself by selling barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers. In 2009, we made $350.00. In 2010 the fire department was invited again to our farm and was successful in raising money through their barbecued cuisine. These results could not have happened without our customer’s support. Thank you everyone!

Staying Green

Here at Cricklewood we strive to support and sustain our environmental resources.     Using the following practices we hope to reduce our environmental footprint.

Cricklewood uses no till practices in the fields. Fields are worked up less often leaving the residue from the year’s crops to compost into the ground. This helps to maintain the organic content of the soil and leads to less soil erosion. Machinery used to till the fields is used less, thus reducing emissions and consuming less fuel.
Cricklewood is enrolled in the Quinte Integrated Pest Management program. Scouts monitor the levels of the different stages of harmful pests in the trees. Species-specific sprays are applied only when pest levels reach the highest thresholds. This reduces the number of sprays applied, reducing the impact to the environment, and encouraging beneficial insect levels.
An Environmental Farm Plan is in place at Cricklewood. This means we have attended workshops provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and have identified areas of environmental concern on our farm.  Three-year action plans have been prepared and are being executed with annual reviews.

We invite you to visit our farm for quality fresh produce and an enjoyable family adventure!